Lesley Curnow


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My name is Lesley, and I am the luckiest of people.

I’m doing the job I love in the most beautiful place in the world, surrounded by great friends and a wonderful family.

The Journey to get here
has been a roller coaster ride - but it is possible to have a dream and then make it happen - I’m living proof of that.

Sitting at my desk, gazing at the sea, I begin to write.

I’m writing for you.
I’ve finished 2 novels:
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Things We Can’t Untie

is a story of family and personal transformation.
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Drowning In Light Seas

is a story about relationships, intrigue and reality in the Internet age.
With two more in the pipeline:
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Today I’m writing
a science fiction novel set in New Zealand 500 years in the future called Weatherwitch
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On the drawing board
is a a sequel to Things We Can’t Untie called Narrow. This story will feature a canal boat and a journey into the unknown.